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Blog Mission - Series Introduction

by Greg Casey

Winds of Change Seasonal Wellness Blog

Peace & Health Through All of Life's Seasons

Welcome to Winds of Change, a new seasonal wellness blog by Dr. of Acupuncture,Blog Mission - Series Introduction, All In Community Acupuncture in South County, Rhode Island Greg Casey. Winds of Change was created to serve the community and individuals in the process of living life in tune with the cycles and seasons of nature, both inside and out. Chinese medicine has developed from a long tradition of observation and interaction with the natural world, and with over 2,500 years of continuous practice, recording, and transmission we can benefit from the perennial wisdom of these master naturalist healers.

A fundamental observation in the practice of Chinese medicine is that people are a part of nature, and just as we have an effect on our world and environment, the natural world and environment that we live in have effects on us as well. However, the effects of local climate and change of seasons may feel subdued due to the convenient props of modern society such as air conditioning, artificial lighting and heating, automobile transport, out of season foods, etc... These things allow us to continue operating not just at status quo all year long, but striving to reach ever new levels of productivity and advancement. Meanwhile, the subtle fluctuations of the seasons and time gently flow on, providing us with the perfect example of how to pace our often hectic modern lives…

By finding greater appreciation for and harmony with the subtle fluctuations of energy (qi) present in nature, the seasons and our own bodies, we can benefit from a lifestyle that leads to improved and sustained health (longevity) from the timely ancient perspective of Chinese medicine.

Contents for each article to include:

Seasonal Energetics

Each article will include a thorough overview of the season’s predominant energetics from the perspective of Chinese medicine. This includes identifying the season’s yin/yang characteristics, elemental nature, and energetic tendencies, along with the impact and implications for human activity and wellness.

  • The Sage’s Kitchen
  • Eating with the season from a Chinese medicine perspective
  • Meditation Pillow
  • Seasonal Meditation
  • Seasonal Poem
  • Qigong Courtyard
  • Seasonal Qigong Tips
  • Seasonal Qigong Practice
  • Home Remedies - Simple home remedies for seasonal ailments.