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News from Greg Casey

by Greg Casey

News from Greg Casey, All In Community Acupuncture in South County, Rhode Island

Dear All In Community,

I'm writing you from the beautiful blue ridge mountains of western North Carolina where my wife, Grace, and I purchased a home last month in a tiny town called Egypt, about 40 minutes north of Asheville. I am working as a Clinical Internship Supervisor at Daoist Traditions College of Chinese Medical Arts in Asheville and also running a small community acupuncture practice in a beautiful empty room at the Echoview Fiber Mill where my wife is a manager. With our new home we were able to purchase 1 acre which is surrounded by an additional 47 acres of a sloping forest valley the people we bought from still own. They want to sell it to us and we hope to buy it so we can build small cabins for people to stay at for healing, self-cultivation and kung fu spiritual retreats in nature, so we are putting all our savings towards that in the next few years so they don't sell it to developers or have it logged. Now that we know where we are Nancy Graham offers Community Acupuncture, Acupuncture, in South County, Rhode Islandliving I am starting my next endeavor which is to open a teaching and healing space for meditation, Qigong, tai chi, kung fu, acupuncture and herbal medicine! We hope to build big fresh buildings for that on our land at some point down the road, but are going to try to start with renovating the big garage we currently have into a teaching and treatment space!

This is where you can come in and I am going to ask for your help! At the encouragement of family and friends I decided to start a Go Fund Me campaign on Sep. 25th to raise funds for renovating our garage into a home base for teaching and providing Traditional Chinese Medicine healthcare in a beautiful, rural nature setting! You can read about all the details and see photos by following the link to my Go Fund Me Campaign page! Even a few dollars will help to expedite this process and get this space opened as soon as possible to start taking new patients and students on a path of healing and self-transformation! Please also share the link with anyone you know who might like to see this manifest!

All In Community Acupuncture in South County, Rhode IslandI very often reflect on my time working at All In and Spring Lotus and the many wonderful individuals I met there who put their trust and hopes for healing and wellbeing in my hands. I do my best to bring the knowledge and wisdom I gained from my experience with everyone there to the interns I supervise and patients I treat here. Even if you can't afford a donation to my cause, if you ever recieved a treatment from me or attended one of my qigong classes at All In, a testimonial of your experience that I could post on my website would mean the world to me as I endeavor into this next chapter of my life, but really no pressure for that either... just follow your heart! I would also love to hear for any and all of you about how you are doing! Thank you for your time and consideration, and I do hope after I develop my roots here some of you might consider visiting the mountain sanctuary I build, and I will also look forward to the possibility of visiting y'all back in the Ocean State to give classes and/or treatments!

Wishing you all continuous healing and peace on your path!

Sincerely, with love,
Greg Casey

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