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FREE TALK: Yang Sheng 養生

With Dr. of Acupuncture, Nancy Graham

Wednesday, November 15, 6-7pm

Yang Sheng (“Nourishing Life”) focuses on cultivating habits that prevent illness and promote optimal health and longevity through nutrition, exercises, and sexual practices.  Energy cultivation exercises are the keystone of the system which, when practiced regularly, will lead one to more easily observe the guidelines regarding diet and sex. Nancy Graham, Dr. of Acupuncture, will be offering an introduction to Yang Shang on November 15, 6-7pm. Free and open to all.

FREE TALK: Intro to Acupuncture

With Dr. of Acupuncture, Nancy Graham

Wednesday, May 24th, 9am-9:30am

River Bend Athletic Club

Nancy will be giving demonstrations after the talk


FREE TALK: Pain, Physiology and Acupuncture

With Doctor of Acupuncture, Katherine Harrison

Thursday, March 23, 7pm

Join All In acupuncturist Katharine Harrison to learn about the physiological mechanisms of acupuncture that are related to the reduction of pain, including: the stimulation of healing mechanisms, promotion of blood flow, release of natural painkillers, relaxation of muscles, and reduction of stress.


People's Organization of Community Acupuncture- the awesome national organization for patients, practitioners, and fans of community acupuncture. This includes a locate-a-clinic feature for out of town referrals at  

All In Acupuncture feature in Rhode Island Monthly.

Standard Times Article about All In Community Acupuncture from May 7, 2015 

Comparison Chart: Community Acupuncture vs Private Room.

Addiction Resources

HEALING TOGETHER, a nine minute video describing acupuncture and its application in a community setting:

Thanks to Andy Wegman for website content and inspiration. Visit his clinic Manchester Acupuncture Studio in New Hampshire.

Need help with smoking cessassion? Click here for an online support community.

Events/LInks - All In Community Acupuncture in South County, Rhode Island

All In Community Acupuncture

43 Railroad street
Peace dale, RI, 02879


 Events/LInks - All In Community Acupuncture in South County, Rhode Island