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Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work/what is it really doing?

This is the million dollar question. The answer is - there is most likely no single answer. Whether seen as a result of particular chemical/hormonal processes, movement of bio-electricity, vascular excitement, regulation of the central nervous system, connective tissue communication, 'placebo' effect, positive thinking or the manifestation of qi, acupuncture works. There are countless studies (most of them in Chinese) documenting the numerous and variable, repeatable physiological effects of acupuncture, but the common mechanism by which this occurs remains elusive.

Does an acupuncture treatment hurt?

Usually not much at all. There may be some sensation of pressure or tingling, and most people are deeply relaxed and/or asleep once all points are placed.

What happens during an initial visit?

You'll need to fill out forms which can take a few minutes to finish, so please come 10 minutes early to complete them. There is an additional $20 one-time consultation fee, for a total of $60 for the first visit.
After paperwork is done, you'll then consult with your acupuncturist to discuss your health concern(s) after which time a treatment plan will be recommended for you. Your acupuncture treatment comes next.
Please wear loose comfortable clothing. You'll just have to roll up your sleeves and pant legs, in order to get ready for your treatment, as we use styles of acupuncture which allows us to select points primarily on the arms and legs.

What happens during a typical follow-up visit?

After paying for the visit and scheduling future visits (if needed) our patients will bring themselves into the treatment room on their own and make themselves comfortable in a recliner of their choice. After a brief conversation between patient and practitioner, pulses at the wrist may be taken. Depending on a variety of factors, a specific point prescription is selected. Typically once the needles are in, people feel relaxed and may nap for a while.

What can I expect after a treatment?

In general, you can expect to feel relaxed and/or energized for several hours following an acupuncture treatment. Often relief of pain or other symptoms start with the first treatment. 

How many treatments do I need?

The frequency and duration of treatment depends on: diagnosis, overall health and age, acute or chronic condition. For example, an acute sports injury may take two to five treatments to clear. Chronic low back pain in an elderly person may take several months of weekly or biweekly treatments. Often we encourage two or three treatments per week initially for serious acute issues, then taper to weekly as the treatment takes hold. Ask your practitioner for more details about your condition. Insufficient frequency is the prime cause of unsatisfactory results in acupuncture, and one of the main reasons for the establishment of All In with its affordable model of care.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash and checks. We do not accept insurance coverage, but would be happy to offer a receipt for your visit so you may submit it directly. We accept credit cards for a $5 surcharge.


FAQ - All In Community Acupuncture in South County, Rhode Island

All In Community Acupuncture

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FAQ - All In Community Acupuncture in South County, Rhode Island